Big sagebrush or Great Basin sagebrush is an evergreen shrub, 1 1/2-9 ft. tall, with a gnarled spread somewhat less than its height. It may have a short trunk or be branched from the base. Small, velvety, silvery leaves have a sweet, pungent aroma and, en masse, give a bluish-gray effect.

Common Name: Big Baisn Sage

Botanical Sage: Artemisia tridentata Nutt.

Bloom Period Mid Summer
Flower Color Yellow
Flower Conspicuous No
Foliage Color Green
Foliage Porosity Summer Porous
Foliage Porosity Winter Porous
Foliage Texture Coarse
Fruit/Seed Color Brown
Fruit/Seed Conspicuous Yes
Growth Form Multiple Stem
Growth Rate Slow
Height at 20 Years, Maximum (feet) 3
Height, Mature (feet) 4.0
Known Allelopath No
Leaf Retention Yes



Big Basin Sage