Each leaf (4-8” long) has 8-12 pairs of pinnae with each pinna having 7-11 pairs of elliptic leaflets (each to 1/2” long). Bruised foliage often has an unpleasant smell. Five-petaled, pale yellow flowers (to 4-5” long), each featuring 10 showy red stamens, bloom in open terminal racemes in summer (July-August). Flower is about 1” long, but the stamens protrude from the flower tube for another 3-4”. Fruits are curved, flattened, linear to sickle-shaped, 8-10 seeded pods (each to 2-5” long) which split open at maturity to explosively expel seeds in all directions, thus facilitating naturalization in the landscape.
Common Name: poinciana Type: Broadleaf evergreenFamily: FabaceaeNative Range: Argentina, UruguayZone: 8 to 11Height: 7.00 to 10.00 feetSpread: 7.00 to 10.00 feetBloom Time: July to AugustBloom Description: Yellow with bright red stamensSun: Full sunWater: MediumMaintenance: MediumSuggested Use: HedgeFlower: ShowyLeaf: EvergreenAttracts: HummingbirdsFruit: ShowyOther: Winter Interest

Bird of Paradise