Damianita is a 1-2 ft., bushy, low-growing, aromatic, evergreen shrub with stems rising in a mounded or bouquet form from a woody base. Leaves crowded on the twigs, dark green, up to 3/8 inch long by 1/16 inch or less wide, covered with green to black glandular dots visible under a 10x hand lens. This is a very leafy plant - the narrow, fragrant foliage everywhere except on the 1-3 in. long peduncles. These extend from branch tips and bear a solitary, yellow, composite flower. The flower heads are golden yellow, 1 inch across, commonly with 8 narrow ray flowers, on slender stems at the end of the branches. Fruit very small, 1/8 inch long and with a crown of short bristles visible under a 10x hand lens.

Botanical Name:Chrysactinia mexicana A. Gray

Common Name: Damianita

Duration: Perennial
Habit: Shrub
Leaf Retention: Evergreen
Size Notes: 1-2 feet.
Size Class: 1-3 ft.

Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Apr , May , Jun , Jul , Aug , Sep

Water Use: Low
Light Requirement: Sun
Soil Moisture: Dry
Drought Tolerance: High
Cold Tolerant: yes