Eriogonum jamesii resembles the more widespread (and variable) eriogonum umbellatum, but can be distinguished by the leaves, which have a tomentose hair covering; short, flattened and matted. This is most noticeable on the undersides. Leaf margins are entire.


Common names:James' buckwheat, antelope sage

Family:Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)

Scientific name:Eriogonum jamesii

Main flower color:Yellow

Range:Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, plus small parts of adjoining states to the east

Height:Up to 10 inches

Habitat:Grassland, woodland, mountainsides, sand or gravel flats; up to 9,500 feet

Leaves:Basal; elliptic, on stalks of up to 2 inches. Both surfaces hairy, especially the underneath

Season:June to October

James Buckwheat