Littleleaf mountain mahogany is the shortest of the mountain mahoganies usually sold. Small, narrow, leathery looking evergreen leaves on many intricate branches. Small yellow flowers in springtime and feathery seed plumes in the fall. The shrub is densely branched and slow growing.


Latin Name: Cercocarpus intricatus

Common Name: Narrowleaf Mountain Mahogany, Littleleaf Mountain Mahogany

Mature Height (ft): 6-8'

Mature Width: 4-6'

Mature Shape

Upright shrub.

Mulch: Inorganic.

Plant Type: 

  • Perennial
  • Woody
  • Shrub

Flower Color: 

  • Yellow

Flowering Season: 

  • Spring


  • Blue green
  • Evergreen

Wildlife Relationships: 

  • Birds

Littleleaf Mountain Mahogany