It is a small- to medium-sized tree 15–20 m (49–66 ft) tall with smooth grey bark even in old age, its life span being a maximum of 60 to 100 years. The leaves are matte green, ovoid, 5–11 cm (2–4 1⁄4 in) long and 4–8 cm (1 1⁄2–3 1⁄4 in) broad. The flowers are catkins,

Common Name: Mountain Alder 

Botanical Name: Alnus incana Moench ssp. tenuifolia Breitung

Duration: Perennial
Habit: Tree
Leaf Retention: Deciduous
Leaf Arrangement: Alternate
Leaf Complexity: Simple
Leaf Venation: Pinnate
Breeding System: Flowers Unisexual , Monoecious
Leaf: Dark Green
Size Class: 12-36 ft

Mountain Alder