'Herrenhausen' is grown primarily for its attractive foliage and flowers. A rhizomatous, upright to sprawling, woody-based subshrub which typically grows 12-18" tall and spreads to 24" wide, but dies to the ground in cold winters. Stems root at the notes as they go along the ground. Features aromatic, oval, green to reddish-purple leaves (to 1" long) on contrasting red stems. Leaves deepen in color as the summer progresses, with the best purple colors usually occurring in cool climates.

Common Name: ornamental oregano  

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Family: Lamiaceae

Zone: 5 to 9

Height: 1.00 to 2.00 feet

Spread: 1.00 to 2.00 feet

Bloom Time: July to September

Bloom Description: Purple / pink

Sun: Full sun

Water: Dry to medium

Maintenance: Low

Suggested Use: Annual, Naturalize

Flower: Showy

Leaf: Fragrant

Tolerate: Rabbit, Deer, Drought, Erosion, Dry Soil, Shallow-Rocky Soil


Purple Oregeno