These are the old-fashioned style of Coral Bells, grown for their bright display of flowers in early summer. Plants form a low mound of rounded deep-green leaves, bearing upright spikes with loads of small vermilion-red bells.

Common Name Red Coral Bells

Botanical Name Heuchera sanguinea ‘Splendens’

Sun Exposure  Full Sun or Partial Shade

Soil Type Normal or Sandy

Soil pHNeutral or Alkaline or Acid

Soil Moisture Average orMoist

Care Leve Easy

Flower Colour Red

Blooming Time  Early Summer  Mid Summer LateSpring

Foliage ColorDeep Green

Plant Uses & CharacteristicsAccent: Good Texture/Form
  Alpine & Rock  Attracts Hummingbirds  Border
  Containers Cut Flower  Deer Resistant Edging
  Rabbit Resistant

Flower Head Size Large

   30-45 cm
   12-18 inches

   25-30 cm
   10-12 inchesFoot Traffic

Growth Rate

Red Coral Bells