This grassy Nolina can tolerate a variety of extremes and adds a grassy flavor to your xeriscape. Its actually a grassy succulent. What more could you ask for.


Common Names:  Texas Bear Grass, Beargrass, Small-seeded Beargrass, Basket Grass, Sawgrass, Sacahuista, Sacahuiste, Palmilla, Small-seed.

NolinaFamily:  Agavaceae; Nolinaceae; Asparagaceae

Origin:  Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Northern Mexico in upper elevation desert foothills, grasslands and pine-oak or juniper-oak woodlands.

Mature Size:  4-6'

Height:  4-6'

Width:  4-6'

Cold Tolerance:  0 to 5°F, -17.8 to -15°C

Heat Tolerance:  Very high heat tolerance.

Light Requirement:  Light shade to full sun.


Water needs:  Very drought tolerant

Sacahuista Bear Grass