Its bright yellow flowers and cylindrical green stems. Young stems are rush-like, bright green and basically leafless. Older stems will develop a woody bark. Stems branch at the top, with flowers appearing in showy racemes. Flowers (to 1" long) are bright yellow, pea-shaped and fragrant. Flowers bloom July to frost. Flowers are followed by flat seed pods (each to 3" long). Linear to lanceolate leaves (to 1" long) are bright green. Leaves are small in size, quite sparse in number and ephemeral (each leaf lasts about 4 months). Considerable photosynthesis occurs in the young green stems.

Common Name: Spanish broom  

Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Fabaceae

Native Range: Southwestern Europe, Mediterranean

Zone: 8 to 10

Height: 5.00 to 10.00 feet

Spread: 5.00 to 10.00 feet

Bloom Time: July to September

Bloom Description: Yellow

Sun: Full sun

Water: Dry to medium

Maintenance: Medium

Suggested Use: Naturalize

Flower: Showy

Fruit: Showy

Tolerate: Drought, Erosion

Spanish Broom