An evergreen shrub with a mounding, trailing habit. A hybrid between B. sarothroides and B. pilularis. Leaves are dark green, simple, alternate, oblanceolate, 1/4" long, 2/16" wide. Flowers are inconspicuous and do not produce the fluff that B. Centennial does. A tough durable shrub that is tolerant of heat, wind, and poor soil. Good for erosion control and exposed areas.


Botanical Name: Baccharis x 'Starn'

Plant Category: Shrubs

Name: Baccharis 'Thompson'

Plant Type: Evergreen

Flower: Tan, 1/4" wide

Mature Size: 3' x 5'

Water: Very low

Exposure:: Full sun

Spacing: 2 1/2'

Soil Type: Clay; loam; sand; alkaline; well drained

Planting Time: Any season

Starn Thompson Baccharis