Beautiful spreading shrub with fiery red, apple-blossom-like flowers that precede leaves each spring. Produces greenish-yellow fruit. Best used in shrub borders and as background plant. Deciduous.


Common Name: Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

Botanical Name: Chaenomeles japonica 'Texas Scarlet'

Watering Needs:Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Botanical Pronunciation:ke-NOM-e-lez juh-PON-ih-kuh

Plant type:Shrub


Growth habit:Spreading

Growth rate:Moderate

Average landscape size:Moderate grower to 3 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide.

Special features:Bird Friendly, Easy Care, Edible, Year-round Interest

Foliage color:Green

Blooms:Early Spring

Flower color:Red



Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince