Displays large, bright yellow blossoms in summer and is completely spineless. The prickly pear plant has three different edible sections: the pad of the cactus (nopal), which can be treated like a vegetable, the petals of the flowers, which can be added to salads, and the pear (tuna), which can be treated like a fruit.


Common Name: Tiger Tounge Prickly Pear

Botanical Name: Opuntia cacanapa 'Ellisiana'

Watering Needs:Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Plant type:Cactus/Succulent


Average landscape size:Moderate to slow growing to 3 ft. tall, 4-6 ft. wide.

Special features:Easy Care, Waterwise, Year-round Interest

Foliage color:Green


Flower color:Yellow

Flower attributesShowy Flowers

Garden styleRustic

Tiger Tongue Thornless Cactus