Whitethorn Acacia is an attractive shrub with fragrant showy orange-yellow flowers in textured balls. It is somewhat similar in appearance to Catclaw Acacia. The sweet flowers attract nectar-seeking insects, butterflies and bees. This plant is well adapted to the arid conditions of desert life and will not produce leaves or flowers in times of severe drought. They are armed with long slender white spines.

Scientific Name: Acacia constricta (Vachellia constricta)
Common Name: Whitethorn Acacia
Also Called: All-thorn Acacia Mescat Acacia, Mescat False Acacia, Twinthorn Acacia, White Thorn Acacia, White-thorn Acacia (Spanish: Huizache, Vinorama, Chaparro Prieto, Vara Prieta, Gigantillo, Largoncillo, Gidag)
Family: Fabaceae or Leguminosae Family
Synonyms: (Vachellia constricta)
Status: Native
Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 12 feet or more, usually less.
Growth Form: Tree or large shrub; 3 to 6 mm long paired slender white spines.
Leaves: Green, deciduous, alternate, bipinnately compound; 3 to 6 paired leaflets per leaf.
Flower Color: Yellow or orange-yellow; dense globose heads; fruit a long straight pod (legume), fruit pod woody or papery, compressed between seeds.
Flowering Season: May to August
Elevation: 2,500 to 5,000 feet

Whitethorn Acacia