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At LANDCO, we specialize in landscape design and installation to help you create the perfect outdoor space. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs, taking into consideration how you plan to use your space and the look and feel you want to create. We strive to make your dream landscape a reality.

We understand that not all projects need a complete design, which is why we are happy to discuss all project needs, even if it’s just one thing that needs to be done. We are passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

List of Services

  • 3D Landscape Design Modeling:

Landco offers 3D Landscape Design Modeling, a cutting-edge technology that allows clients to visualize their outdoor space before any construction work begins. This virtual walkthrough provides a detailed representation of the landscape, showcasing every element and feature in the design. Clients can explore the layout, view different perspectives, and make informed decisions about the project.


a 3D Design is particularly  valuable as it reduces the risk of dissatisfaction with the final product. Clients can see exactly how the landscape will look and make changes before any physical work starts, ensuring that their vision is accurately translated into reality.


  • Arbors/Pergolas:


Arbors and pergolas are architectural features that add beauty and functionality to gardens and outdoor spaces. Arbors are typically a series of arches covered with climbing plants, while pergolas are larger structures that provide shade and often support climbing vines or hanging plants.


Landco specializes in designing and constructing arbors and pergolas that complement the overall landscape design. The team carefully selects materials that suit the client's aesthetic preferences and the local climate to ensure longevity and visual appeal. These structures can become focal points in the landscape, creating inviting spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.


  • Benches:


Outdoor benches offer comfortable seating and contribute to the functionality and design of the landscape. Landco considers the ideal placement of benches to take advantage of scenic views and create inviting spots for contemplation or socializing.


The team carefully selects materials for the benches, ensuring they blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and match the overall design theme. Comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal are priorities in bench design and installation.


  • Brick Trim:


Brick trim adds a classic touch to pathways, driveways, and garden borders. Landco’s  team of skilled craftsmen ensures precise installation and proper sealing to prevent weathering and maintain the brick's vibrant color over time. The brick trim enhances the landscape's elegance and durability.


  • Bridge/Stepping Stones:


Bridges and stepping stones create pathways over water features or through gardens, enhancing accessibility and aesthetics. Landco offers a range of materials such as natural stone or wood for bridges and stepping stones, ensuring seamless integration with the natural surroundings.


Proper placement and design consideration ensure that these features are not only visually appealing but also functional and safe to use.


  • Boulders/Rock:


Boulders and rocks add texture and contrast to landscapes, often used in rock gardens or as naturalistic focal points. Landco’s  team expertly positions boulders, sometimes partially underground, to make them appear naturally settled in the landscape.


By thoughtfully incorporating boulders and rocks, the team creates visually striking and harmonious designs that complement the natural elements of the environment.


  • Cactus/Succulents:


Cactus and succulents thrive in specific climates, offering low-maintenance beauty. Landco’s  expertise in plant selection ensures that the chosen cactus and succulent varieties are well-suited to the local climate and soil conditions.


These water-efficient plants are ideal for xeriscaping, a landscaping approach that promotes water conservation. Landco considers the design and arrangement of cacti and succulents to create visually appealing and sustainable landscapes.


  • Compost Bins:


Compost bins are essential for recycling organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. Landco offers guidance on setting up compost bins properly, ensuring they have proper aeration and the right balance of green and brown materials.


Successful composting not only reduces waste but also provides a valuable resource for enriching the soil in gardens and landscapes.


  • Concrete Work:


Concrete work encompasses the installation of driveways, patios, walkways, and other hardscaping features. Landco’s  skilled team ensures the proper preparation, pouring, and curing of concrete to achieve maximum strength and prevent surface cracks.


Concrete is a durable and versatile material that can be customized to suit various design styles, making it a popular choice for outdoor construction projects.


  • Courtyard/Perimeter Walls:


Courtyard and perimeter walls provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces. Landco helps clients choose the right materials, such as brick, stone, or concrete, that align with the property's architectural style and overall landscape design.


These walls are designed and constructed to enhance the landscape's beauty while serving practical purposes like enclosure and protection.


  • Custom Landscapes:


Landco specializes in creating custom landscapes that cater to the unique preferences, site conditions, and local climate of each client. By collaborating closely with the client, the team translates their vision into a tailored landscape design that meets their specific needs and desires.


Custom landscapes not only add value to the property but also provide environmental benefits like improved biodiversity and water conservation.


  • Custom Retainer Walls:


Custom retainer walls play a crucial role in controlling erosion, managing water flow, and creating terraced landscapes. Landco’s  expertise in engineering and construction ensures that these walls are structurally sound and designed to withstand the pressure of soil and water.


Proper drainage within the wall is meticulously planned to prevent water buildup and potential failure.


  • Demolition:


Demolition services offered by Landco involve clearing old structures and existing landscaping to make way for new features. Safety is a top priority during the demolition process, and the team adheres to all local regulations and guidelines.


By providing safe and efficient demolition services, Landco prepares the ground for creating a fresh and functional landscape design.


  • Drip System Installation & Repair:


Drip systems are efficient methods of watering landscapes, conserving water and promoting plant health. Landco’s  team specializes in the installation and repair of drip systems, ensuring they provide targeted and even watering to different areas of the landscape.


Regular maintenance, including checking for clogs and leaks, is performed to keep the system running efficiently.


  • Driveways/ Parking Pads:


Driveways and parking pads are essential hardscaping features that provide functional spaces for vehicles. Landco pays attention to proper grading during installation to ensure water drains away from structures, preventing pooling and erosion.


The team offers various material options for driveways and parking pads, taking into consideration the client's preferences and the landscape's design.


  • Dry River-Beds/Drainage:


Dry river-beds serve as decorative drainage solutions, effectively channeling water away from structures during heavy rains. Landco creatively incorporates native rocks and plants into dry river-bed designs, enhancing the natural appearance of these features.


By integrating dry river-beds into the landscape, the team effectively manages water runoff while adding a visually appealing element.


  • Erosion Control:


Erosion control is a critical aspect of landscape management that protects soil and landscape features from water and wind erosion. Landco employs various techniques, such as planting ground cover and installing barriers, to stabilize soil and prevent erosion.


Effective erosion control measures help maintain the integrity of the landscape and prevent environmental damage.


  • Flagstone and Concrete Installs:


Flagstone and concrete installations are popular choices for creating beautiful and durable patios, walkways, and other outdoor features. Landco carefully selects joint materials like sand or mortar, considering the appearance and maintenance of the installation.


The team's attention to detail ensures that the flagstone and concrete work seamlessly fit into the landscape design.


  • Fountains:


Fountains add a soothing water element to outdoor spaces, enhancing their ambiance. Landco provides regular cleaning and proper winterization services to prolong the life of the fountain's pump and structure.


By maintaining fountains in top condition, the team ensures that they continue to be an attractive and enjoyable feature in the landscape.


  • Gardens:


Landco designs gardens for aesthetics, food production, or wildlife attraction. The team takes into account factors like soil quality, sunlight, and local climate to select appropriate plants that thrive in the given environment.


Well-designed gardens become vibrant and diverse outdoor spaces that contribute to the overall beauty and ecological health of the landscape.


  • Grass/Turf:


Landco offers expertise in selecting and maintaining grass or turf that provides lush lawns for recreation and aesthetic appeal. By choosing the right type of grass for the local climate and usage needs, the team ensures the lawn's health and longevity.


Proper maintenance practices, including regular mowing at the correct height, promote dense growth and suppress weed growth.


  • Gravel/Stone:


Gravel and stone are low-maintenance options for paths, driveways, and decorative accents in the landscape. Landco uses proper edging techniques to keep gravel in place and create a clean, finished look in outdoor areas.


Gravel and stone installations add texture and visual interest to the landscape while minimizing maintenance requirements.


  • Irrigation:


Landco specializes in designing and installing irrigation systems that ensure consistent and efficient watering of landscapes. Smart controllers that automate watering based on weather conditions are integrated to save water and money.


Proper irrigation practices help promote healthy plant growth while conserving water resources.


  • Kiva Fireplace and Fire Pits:


Kiva fireplaces and fire pits are features that provide warmth and serve as gathering places for outdoor enjoyment. Landco’s  team ensures proper placement away from flammable materials and compliance with local codes to ensure safety.


  • Koi/Goldfish Ponds:


Koi and goldfish ponds create tranquil water features that support aquatic life. Landco offers regular water testing and filtration services to maintain a healthy environment for the fish.


The team's expertise in pond design and maintenance ensures that these features remain visually appealing and sustainable.


  • Lawns:


Lawns offer open spaces for play and relaxation. Landco’s  lawn care services include expert advice on selecting the right grass type, regular mowing, and proper maintenance practices to keep the lawn healthy and vibrant.


By paying attention to lawn health, Landco ensures that the outdoor space remains inviting and enjoyable.


  • Lighting:


Outdoor lighting enhances the safety, usability, and beauty of the landscape. Landco offers energy-efficient LED lights that provide long-lasting illumination while reducing energy consumption.


Well-placed outdoor lighting highlights key features, creates a welcoming atmosphere, and improves nighttime visibility.


  • Masonry/Stone Work:


Masonry and stone work add timeless elegance to walls, paths, and other landscape features. Landco’s  team ensures proper sealing to protect stone surfaces from weathering and staining, preserving their appearance over time.


Masonry and stone work add durability and beauty to the landscape, contributing to its overall charm.


  • Native Planting:


Landco promotes native planting, which supports local ecology and offers low-maintenance beauty. Native plants are adapted to local conditions, requiring less water and care compared to non-native species.


Incorporating native plants into the landscape contributes to biodiversity and environmental sustainability.


  • Outdoor Fireplaces:


Outdoor fireplaces extend the enjoyment of outdoor living into cooler evenings. Landco’s  team considers design considerations like wind direction and seating arrangements to enhance comfort and enjoyment.


  • Outdoor Kitchens:


Outdoor kitchens provide functional spaces for cooking and entertaining outdoors. Landco helps clients select materials that ensure durability and ease of maintenance in outdoor conditions.


  • Outdoor Living Spaces:


Landco specializes in creating outdoor living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the indoor design elements. By extending the functionality and beauty of the home into the outdoor area, these spaces become inviting retreats for relaxation and socializing.


  • Patios/ Patio Covers / Pergolas Decks:


Patios, patio covers, pergolas, and decks offer outdoor dining and relaxation spaces. Landco considers the weather exposure, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic preferences when selecting materials for these features.


The team ensures that patios, covers, pergolas, and decks are designed to harmonize with the overall landscape design.


  • Pet House & Pet Runs:


Pet houses and runs provide secure and comfortable outdoor spaces for pets. Landco pays attention to proper sizing and placement to ensure the pet's comfort and safety.


These features become functional and enjoyable spaces for pets to enjoy the outdoors.


  • Pots/Planters:


Pots and planters offer flexibility in planting and design, suitable for patios, balconies, and other outdoor areas. Landco ensures proper drainage in pots and planters to prevent root rot and promote healthy plant growth.


  • Retaining Walls:


Retaining walls control soil erosion and create level planting areas. Landco’s  engineering expertise ensures that these walls are structurally stable and effectively manage water flow.


  • Rock Gardens:


Rock gardens offer low-maintenance beauty, showcasing alpine plants and stones. Landco prepares the soil and selects appropriate plants to ensure the success of the rock garden.


  • Sod Installation:


Sod installation provides an instant lawn, with Landco’s  team expertly preparing the ground and laying sod for immediate results. Proper soil preparation and immediate watering are essential for successful sod establishment.


  • Sod Removal:


Sod removal services clear areas for new planting or landscape features. Landco encourages eco-friendly practices by recycling removed sod into compost or reusing it in other areas.


  • Sprinkler System Installation and Repair:


Sprinkler systems automate lawn and garden watering, ensuring consistent coverage. Landco offers seasonal adjustments and regular inspections to prevent overwatering and system malfunctions.


  • Synthetic Turf Supply & Installation:


Synthetic turf offers a green lawn year-round with low maintenance. Landco provides high-quality synthetic turf that mimics the appearance and feel of natural grass, offering a pleasing aesthetic.


  • Tree Planting:


Tree planting enhances the landscape, providing shade, beauty, and habitat. Landco ensures proper planting depth and care to promote healthy tree growth and longevity.


  • Tree Removal:


Tree removal services safely remove unwanted or hazardous trees. Landco follows safety protocols, acquires necessary permits, and properly disposes of or recycles the removed tree.


  • Tree Trimming:


Tree trimming maintains tree health, appearance, and safety. Landco employs proper trimming techniques to prevent disease and promote healthy branching patterns.


  • Vegetable Gardens:


Landco designs vegetable gardens that offer fresh produce and the joy of home gardening. Crop rotation and companion planting are considered to enhance soil health and pest control.


  • Swing Sets/ Sandbox:


Swing sets and sandboxes provide outdoor play spaces for children. Landco prioritizes safety by ensuring proper anchoring and selecting materials suitable for outdoor play.


  • Walk Ways/Paths:


Walkways and paths guide movement through the landscape, with various design options available. Landco considers proper grading and material selection to ensure accessibility and durability.


  • Water Features:


Water features, from ponds to fountains, add tranquility and beauty to outdoor spaces. Landco offers regular maintenance, including cleaning and water treatment, to keep water features clear and functional.


  • Water Harvesting:


Water harvesting captures rainwater for landscape irrigation and other uses. Landco designs and installs water harvesting systems that significantly reduce water bills and promote sustainability.


  • Waterfalls:


Waterfalls create dynamic and soothing focal points in the landscape. Landco incorporates natural rocks and plants to enhance the waterfall's naturalistic appearance.


  • Xeriscaping:


Xeriscaping is a landscaping approach that promotes water conservation through the use of drought-tolerant plants and water-efficient practices. Landco offers expertise in planning and implementing xeriscaping projects that create beautiful landscapes with minimal water usage.


How Landco Can Help:


At Landco our team understands the unique needs and preferences of each client. We offer top-notch services in all the areas mentioned above, providing customized solutions that align with the client's vision and local climate.


Landco’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the landscaping industry. By working closely with clients, they can transform outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional extensions of their homes.


Whether it's through 3D Landscape Design Modeling, xeriscaping, hardscaping, or any other service, Landco’s expertise and skilled team ensure that the client's landscaping vision becomes a reality. Clients can contact Landco to learn more about their services and begin the journey of creating a stunning and sustainable outdoor space.

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