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Our irrigation techs are thorough and maximize water coverage while maintaining the highest efficiency possible. Your sprinkler or dip system should only provide water to your planting/grass areas, not on the streets or sidewalks. Prior to installation, a pressure test is done which tells us how many sprinkler can be installed per zone. For example; domestic water pressure can range from 25-105 pounds of pressure. 35 pounds of pressure usually can sustain 8 sprinkler heads therefore 70 pounds of pressure can handle 16 heads. This is important to factor in when planning your system because you may not need as many zones as you think. Pressure is also an important factor when installing drip. 


Drip systems are great for spot watering and saving water. We usually recommend them if you are planning on irrigating specific areas that will always have a small to medium size plant or shrub. For drip, we start at the valve and connect to a pressure regulator filter. drip line shouldn't sustain more than 25 psi. Next is a 1/2" or 5/8" poly tubing which is then punched for a barb which connects to a spaghetti line to and finally to an emitter, shrubbler, bubbler, or sprayer depending on the plant. The larger the plant, the larger gallon per hour emitter. When adding plants into a drip system, a new hole needs to be punched, and a new spaghetti line and emitter has to be added to the poly tubing. Common issues people have with drip systems is either too much pressure which blows off the emitters or dirt clogging the emitters. We avoid these problems all together by installing a 25 pound pressure regulator filter.


We happily serve all of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Corrales, Placates, Cedar Crest, Los Lunes, Belen, and we love what we do. 

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