A very durable, low-growing, wide-spreading conifer with soft, feathery green foliage. Provides excellent coverage and erosion control for slopes. Works well as groundcover along walkways, in borders, and in rock gardens. Cascades nicely over retaining walls. Tolerates heat, cold, and drought. Easy to grow, even under coastal conditions. Evergreen.


Common Name: Buffalo Juniper

Botanical Name: Juniperus sabina 'Buffalo'

Watering Needs:Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat.

Botanical Pronunciation:ju-NIP-er-us sa-BI-na

Plant type:Groundcover, Shrub, Conifer


Growth habit:Spreading

Growth rate:Moderate

Average landscape size:Moderate growing; reaches less than 1 ft. tall, spreading up to 8 ft. wide.

Special features:Easy Care, Waterwise, Year-round Interest

Foliage color:Green

Blooms:Conifer; prized for foliage.

Garden styleAsian/Zen, Contemporary, Rustic

Buffalo Juniper