This remarkable tree is perhaps the most colorful of all flowering plums! Beautiful dark purple-black summer foliage is preceded by a profusion of showy light pink flowers in spring. A phenomenal ornamental accent for landscapes that seldom produces fruit. Deciduous.


Common Name: Krauter Vesuvius Purple Leaf Plum

Botanical Name: Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius'

Watering Needs:Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Botanical Pronunciation:PROO-nus ser-as-IF-er-a

Plant type:Tree


Growth rate:Moderate

Average landscape size:Moderate growing; reaches 20 ft. tall, 15 ft. wide.

Special features:Dramatic Foliage Color, Tolerates Urban Pollution

Foliage color:Purple


Flower color:Pink

Flower attributesShowy Flowers

Garden styleContemporary, Cottage

Krauter's Vesuvius Flowering Plum