A remarkable deciduous shrub or small tree with growth  to 8ft. A rare drought-tolerant native that grows in the  southwest from  Colorado and Utah to the Grand Canyon. Bright green foliage with beautiful  purple flower clusters that hang from branches.

Scientific Name: Robinia neomexicana
Common Name: New Mexico Locust
Also Called: New Mexico Honey Locust (Spanish: Uña de Gato, Robinia)
Family: Fabaceae or Leguminosae Family
Synonyms: ()
Status: Native
Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 25 feet or more.
Growth Form: Tree and large shrub; dense crown, spiny spreads through rhizomes which also form thickets, trunk diameter to 8 inches, dense crown.
Leaves: Green; alternatedeciduouspinnately compound, leaves to 8 inches.
Flower Color: Purple, white or purplish-pink; showy flowers in axillary racemes, fragrant, pea-shaped, hanging in dense clusters, fruit a 3 inch hairy legume, several seeds.
Flowering Season: May to July.
Elevation: 4,000 to 8,500 feet.

New Mexico Locust