=Showy, fast-growing vine gives two seasons of bloom. Small, creamy white flowers in frothy clusters; light green heart-shaped foliage. Perfect for arbor, trellis or fence.


Common Name: Silver Lace Vine

Botanical Name: Polygonum aubertii

Watering Needs:Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Botanical Pronunciation:poh-LIG-oh-num aw-BER-tee-eye

Plant type:Vine - Requires Support


Growth rate:Fast

Average landscape size:Fast twining grower to 25 to 35 ft.

Special features:Bird Friendly, Improved Pest and Disease Resistance, Year-round Interest

Foliage color:Green

Blooms:Late spring, and again in fall.

Flower color:White

Flower attributesRepeat Flowering, Showy Flowers

Silverlace Vine