Like the standard English holly it produces many bright red, decorative berries in winter. However, this variety of holly is much better adapted to warm western climates, and it is faster growing than Ilex aquifolium. It can be easily kept as a hedge or trained into a small single-stemmed tree. Ease and speed of growth recommend it over English holly, while it retains the old-world appeal of a traditional English holly.

Common Name: Wilson Holly

Botanical Name: Ilex x altaclerensis 'Wilsonii' Standard (I. wilsonii) 

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit texture :Glossy

Fruit length :1/4 - 3/8<>

Fruit season :Winter

Fruit color :Bright red

Fruit shape :Spherical

Leaf texture :Glossy

Leaf length :5"

Leaf width :3"

Leaf shape :Broadly ovate, spiny

Leaf color :Dark green

Foliage growth cycle :Evergreen

Average size maturity width :10-12 ft.

Average size maturity height :15-20 ft.

Growth rate :Moderate-Fast

USDA Zone :-10 to -5 F( Z6a)

Sunset zone :3b-24

Water requirements :Regular

Light exposure :Partial Sun

Wilson Holly