Known for its ability to attract butterflies, the Woolly Butterfly Bush(Buddleia marrubiifolia) grows well in southern and central Arizona. Native to the Chihuahuan desert, it is very tolerant of heat, intense sunlight and drought. It grows to 5 feet tall with an equal or greater spread. Its grayish green leaves are elliptical and covered with fine white hairs giving this plant a soft, fuzzy look. From March to August the woolly butterfly bush blooms small, bright orange colored flowers.

Form: A shrub with an irregular growth pattern.
Leaf retention: Deciduous.
Growth rate: Moderate.
Mature Size: 5' high and wide.
Flowers: Tiny orange flowers, in ball-shaped clusters about 1/2" across.
Bloom: Late winter, spring, summer or fall, depending on location.
Fruit: Insignificant.
Leaves: Velvety, silver to silver-green leaves with serrated margins.
Stems: No thorns.
Wildlife: Attracts butterflies and bees.
Toxic / Danger: No.
Origin: Native to Texas and Mexico.


Cultivation and Uses
USDA hardiness zones: 8-11.
Heat tolerant: Yes.
Drought tolerant: Yes.
Sun: Full sun to part shade.
Water once established: Monthly.
Soil: Well drained, pH 6.1-8.5 (slightly acidic to alkaline). Adapts to most soil types.
Prune: To maintain shape.
Litter: Low.
Propagation: Cuttings from new growth.
Uses: Ornamental, xeric garden.

Wooly Butterfly Bush